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Joylyn!-jael Way. * you spin me right round baby right round. [entries|friends|calendar]

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Goodbye. [12 Dec 2006|10:00pm]
it's official.


now there's no reason why you can't tag darling.grrr.

yes people im backkk. [11 Dec 2006|03:44am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

i know i know.
this post is wayyyyyyyyy overdued im sorry.
i just got back from kl today.

well yuh i did my hair with nippie and peewee on the 4th of Dec.
last day of spm i know but we're kiasu like that cz we figured out that jusco and cs would prolly be oversaturated with form 5's ((:
neither are we anti social but i digress.

it's a real funny thing i did brown you know.
cz i have secretly hoped for hotpink highlights since cny.grins.but nahhh.bleaching kills.
oh the rest of the npk's are brunettes too!

then we went to cameron highlands the next day.
i really wanna elaborate but somehow im suffering from the very common blogger's block right now.
and then it was kl.
THAT was the real deal.
i am a real maniac.
cz i realised i blew almost 300 bucks in 3 and a half hours.
ive got a problem with saving money.

ohoh but i bought sooo many necklaces.
to my twin:i got a skull one and it's damn chun.too bad it was the only one left if not i would have gotten a pair
ohh ohh ohh!!!
and those plushtoys and keychains!!
there's an elmo one,two ugly dolls,two wooden voodoo dolls,two skulls,a lil vampire and -
i think that's it .
i dunno what got into me but i just kept on spending and spending,
im pretty much skint now but it's okay.
at least i got stuff i like.

oh shit and three fourskin shirts as well.

im half guilty.
but heyyyy.
i won't get to spend thatttt much next year being in ozzie dollars you know.

and today.
i got my spanking new laptop.
i bought it on impulse.
dang i can't believe my parents actually agreed to get it.
was suppose to get a vaio but ended up with the a compaq instead.
cz after comparing the vaio wasnt worth it.
and well it was a difference of almost 3K for the same functions and one extra better one.
but i still am very very very much in love with the vaio.
so yuh.
swear if i make big bucks next time im gonna get it.
got a matching webcam and a pendrive too.
sill getting used to windows after getting stuck with a mac for a whopping five years.

i feel like im so bloody lucky.
and sometimes for instance,today,
i just wonder if my parents just went crazy.
i secretly feel its the latter.

i dunno if this is good or bad news.
but very much to the delight of 16594309348 people who cannot stop complaining about LJ,
i have decided to switch back to blogger.
im sorry if you gotta update your links yet again.
got an account ready already just cannot find a suitable skin.
meanwhile,still gonna blog here though im really not sure if this is gonna be the last entry ((:

funnnneeeeee [09 Nov 2006|01:35pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

we were in tuition just the other day,
&& my dear furfur(ymun) was feeling rather stressed out.

FF: Bi*...I feel so d.u.m.b.
Me: Oh i feel stupid. See see see it's longer that means i feel worse ;D Ohhohh and i feel idiotic too.heh.you can't beat that.
FF: Retarded.
Me: ^.^

--------------5 minutes later-------------

FF: Bi*...I really feel like shit lar.
Me: Faeces.
FF: Lao sai
Me: Pang sai, Pang jio, Pang pui.smirks.
Wern-LiTheGreat: passmotion.
FF,Me & WLTG: [rofl]
SujenTheGeek: wei..study larrr.

I'm Bi cz furfur thinks it's damn bladdy cute to call me babi.
don't let me hear anyone of you call me that.chopchop.

Click to see my kiddo brother, fondly know as katikk ((:Collapse )

Welcome To The Black Parade [05 Nov 2006|02:37pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i got it i got it!
bought it in spore cz they bleep everything back here.
thought you guys have seen the grey cover they've been promoting,
so i took pics of both the back and front of the REAL front cover.

after replaying the whole album like what,
4 times?!
the song Cancer left a big impression on me.
there's this line, i will not kiss you cz the hardest part of this is missing you.
i thought it's rather touching i dunno why.
it's bout this person dying from cancer.

another one's Mama.
the beats are funny.
and the way Gerard wails Mama!We're all gonna die is really cute.
there's like a foxtrot rhythm to it.

Teenagers- nice one.
sounds abit like an 'The Offspring'song.
teenagers scare the living shit outta me.

ohoh and there's Disenchanted.
it keeps ringing in my head.
one awesome song,really.
you're just a sad song with nothing to say.

13 tracks + 1 hidden track.(yep i found the hidden one clap clap)
i dunno bout the pirated version,
but if you get the original,
just hold on after the 13th track-
there'll be a 14th track not listed on the album sleeve.
don't say i didnt tell ya.

this album's really different from the 1st & 2nd album,
and i daresay it's better (:
the lyrics makes more sense,
the album's fonts and layouts kinda special.
ohohoh and like typical MCR,
they end their songs and not let it fade off.
somehow songs that fade off at the end leave me wondering if he/she ran out of lyrics or something.
but i digress.

gerard's looking bladdy hot-
yes, as usual.


five outta five for Welcome To The Black Parade.
go get it.

Just to add to the collection heeheeCollapse )

finally. [31 Oct 2006|06:35am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

lovelovekisskissCollapse )

[22 Oct 2006|02:00pm]
ooh i like ((:Collapse )

i went for tuition today and there was this foon yew guy sitting right in front of me.
he was wearing this dark green shirt with a really yuckalicious print in Times New Roman.
i dunno if he thought it was funny;
but I thought it was just plain stupid.

i managed to copy it down though.

escape,rege and...

we express hip hop with the above words.

tell me what you think about that kinda shit.
damn kao wek lar!

i love shopping! [21 Oct 2006|12:48pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]


we went to spore.
mum had stuff to do.
so we went shopping with daddy.
it was friggin awesome i would say it's the best shopping trip ever.
no really.

i bought so much stuff it's total madness.
i got my fossil watch.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
nice nice?
it's faded leather.
and it's damn bladdy comfortable can die woot woot.
&& it looks so solid.
and it's the only Titan with light.
yes yay-
very very yay.
and i realised it's actually a guy's watch.
but i like it a lot cz it's heavy.
i stuck a lil black heart on the bottom right of the watch and it looks damn chic.

okay okay.
i shant rant.
and daddy bought me a lime green one as well.
it's a bit chaplang lar but i love it just as much.

plus loads and loads of tees.
i ♥ my daddy to inssy winnsy bits!

i want black roses tied with a hot pink ribbon dotted with Swarovski crystals ♥ [13 Oct 2006|12:45pm]
[ mood | awake ]

today was funny.
one of my good friends,Stepfanie a.k.a PeeWeeeDiapers and i were talkimh.
and all of a sudden she said,"Joy,i love lilies.If anything happens to me buy me lilies okay?"
me not being a big fan of flowers asked her what a lily looks like.
no lar.
i'm not stupid,really.
(yesyes.that sounded like a certain Tara Reid denying her stupidity which i reckon is not true but for me baybehh,im honest.)
ive got a vague picture of a lily just that it's so blur i only see it as a white skinny object.

oh ok anywayanyway.
she did this to describe how a lily looks like.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

well obviously i cracked up.
no one describes a flower that way.
i expected her to get me a picture or draw it out at the very least.


Stepf: Priscilla Priscilla!!You know lily?
Prisc: Lily?Who?
S: yar,lily.You don't know lily?
P: Lily?Huh?! *shakes head*
S: You know how lily looks like?
P: Dunno lar.Who?
S: What who?!Flower lar flower.
P: Oh.

the joy of miscommunication ((:
but really;

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

see the similarities?

avatars galore! [12 Oct 2006|02:06pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

i was browsing through some avatars and i found some rather nice ones.


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
this is like bladdy sad lar.

ref="http://photobucket.com/" target="_blank">Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting</a>Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
ooh its johnny baby!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
my personal favs.

that's it.
life's been rather mundane lately.
i don't have anything interesting much to blog about except how much i've been sleeping & slacking.
i hardly touch my books.
no really.

doreen's(biology teacher) after me big time.
i got a C5 for my bio and she expected a friggin A1.
i don't like bio.
i made a pact with her to get at least an A2 for SPM.
and i can't help but wonder whether it was a big mistake.

i don't see the point of learninh about how plants reproduce.
i reckon i have sufficient knowledge about the human reproductive system.
and i really don't give a shit bout how amazing genetics are.

i just realised how that vibrating distressed emoticon gets me laughing so hard.
cute isn't it?

chun. [06 Oct 2006|11:20am]
Funeral For A Friend.

the intro's rad.

FuneralForAFriendCollapse )

love is grand. [04 Oct 2006|08:38am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

julian told me that justin takes a 40minute train ride from glasgow to edinburgh-
just to visit his girl.

oh hell im so jealous.

i spent my whole time watching south park.
they're so funny.
i'll share some here.

SouthPark!Collapse )

rattle tattle. [15 Sep 2006|07:34pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

we went out ystd to celebrate npk's birthday.
it was pretty awesome.
i got a new pair of slippers plus a really rad wallet.

there's this song from the Spice Girls.
it's Let Love Lead The Way.
and there were these two particular lines my good friends found particularly real.

why is there JOY?
why is there PAIN?

oh so i admit it.
i do pinch and bite them a lot in school.
and now ive got a song with two lines written just for me.

oh yes.
my dear Bulu made me sing Barbie Girl by Aqua.
and i did a pretty good rendition of it.
damn i ought to be a singer.

[30 Aug 2006|05:06pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Nippie says im deprived of love.
you think?

Click HERE!!Collapse )

): random. [26 Aug 2006|08:20am]
[ mood | crappy ]

I'll be just fine pretending im not.

i need some drama in my life.
it's wayyy too mundane.
bring it on baybehh.

yalar too random lah sorry.
im just well,

i love this song.
All That I've Got by The Used.
don't know why the hell i never saw it when it's been in my playlist since forever.

i feel terrible all of a sudden.
and im positive it's not PMS.
you know those days you wake up -
and then Bam!
you realise nothing's gonna turn out well.

it's one of those days.

baccckkk!! [23 Aug 2006|11:15am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

okie dokie.
that ladies and gentlemen ,
was one long hiatus wasn't it?
first my internet connection was down for two weeks.
and then my stupid test was going on for a week.
everything's been linking so pretty well fine ;
which is the darn reason why i've been dead.
tersalah cakaplar sory.

i had to jot down relatively everything to remind myself what i was suppose to blog about.
i have a feeling my friends are snickering behind my back ,
muttering "Nerdnerdnerd."
but oh nvm.
and heyhey guess what!
the list'e GONE.
yes darling.
oh hell.
trust me.
real funny stuff happened the last few weeks.

YvonneTheDebater misses me i see.
yes everybody.
go awwwww

BERNARD dedicated a song to MeMeMe last two Thursdays on Say It With Music.
he told me he was gonna do it.
nonono i obviously didnt believe him.
and being the esok ujian baru last minute nak study person i am,
i was gonna switch off the radio at aroung *+ to crash on Physics -
when i heard Sonja introducing a guy called bernard.

Sonja : Hi!Now we have Bernard here.You're from JB right?
Bern : Yea.
Joylyn : rahh rahh rahh rahh rahh rahh....
Sonja : Really? We had another guy from JB calling last night too!!! *then she said something bout malaysia rawks or something*
Bern : gcfgakfbvabytbuelrytlveu
Sonja : So who is this song going out to?
Joylyn : nibble nibble nibble nibble
Bern : Joylyn, Desmond , Wei-Xun , Joseph etcetc
Joylyn : rahh rahh rahh rahh rahh ..

ok lar.
i admit i didn't go rahh rahh rahh rahh and i wasn't nibbling my nails.
i was very much in disbelief actually.
the other guy who called in was JosephPangthestripper.
maybe half of JB knows bout italready.
supposedly everyone in school was talking bout it.
I HEARD MY NAME ON RADIO wheewheewhee!!
i promise this would be the last time im making sucha hug deal out of this.
but come on lar.let me rant (:

oh yes.
Nenepok told us that tis guy called in to dedicate a song to his girlfriend.

Sonja : So who is this song for?
Boy : It's for my gf.uhh..I wanna tell her that i love her very much.
Sonja : Hahaha okay. So what song do you want?
Boy : SHUT UP by Simple Plan.

if i were his girlfriend i would probably slap the shit puuta him,
or just give him a big fat kiss for being so sweet.
i'll settle for the latter.
he was nice enough.

ahh next.
i went for the Summer Live Concert at Danga Bay.
shut up and stop gagging.
MY DAD HAD FRRE VIP TIX & nenepok darling was going as well.
and i knew i was gonna flunk my Formatif 2.
she knew it as well so yea.
we both went very much to our classmates' envy and amazement.
bladdy hell.

so i felt wayyy underdressed when i was at the Festive Mall.
everyone was so intimidating.
the girls looked like life-sized dolls with their stereotypical mushroom hairstyles & boots & endless strings of beads and ribbons.
and the guys.
omgomgomfg the guys - their pink shirts were irksome bleghbleghblegh.

people actually camped there for TWO NIGHTS.wth?
i was so squashed at the gate i felt bloody molested.

Conclusion : -
Energy & Landy danced really well.
the others were just far too cheena.
Rainie was plain irritating with her screechy voice and she laughed like kereta tak bleh start.
5566 threw autographed balls at the audience during their performance.
trust me,
a lot of people got into fits of hysteria when i told them about them.

Highlight :-
JJ was surprisingly good seriously.
maybe cz he's a singaporea.
he serenaded a fan on stage.sang Sarang Haeyo which means i ♥ You in Koean.
i sat there,flabbergasted,melting inside
that's like hell aww right?
he held her hand so tightly and sang to her.
i wanna be his gf too!!
nonono not serious.
nenepok had the same expression too.
both of us were like "shitshitshit!why we didn't muka tebal sikit ahh?"

-okay.i shall not elaborate further.i actually got over the fact that a guy would actually be so sweet to serenade his girl damnit. -

pictures in the nxt entry.
my brother's one sucky photographer.
don't expect pictures of 5566 kicking balls.
cam ran outta batt unfortunately.

last advice from me.

rememeber the first few entries of my LJ,
when i was complaining bout how unprepared i was for the KillerSetara?
trials are next week.
and heyhey surprise surprise!
i'm not prepared as well.
i need 5 credits for collge.
and im barely hitting 50 for add math.

Milkshake! [26 Jul 2006|02:22pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Our NPK Theme Song.Collapse )

click it.
it's funny.

!!! [23 Jul 2006|08:57pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

i don't know why.
but i've been feeling really happy lately.
literally dancing-on-air happy (:
everything just goes on so perfectly fine it's unreal.
it's just that this feeling of pure euphoria takes over me each time i'm alone ;
with the radio blaring out out awesome bellosome songs.

and all i wanna do is dance and twirl round and round.
it's so amazing.

although i wake up each morning
and the first word that goes through my head is "Shit."
i manages to get through each day with a smile etched on my face at the end of the day.
i'm on drugs that's why dot dot dot.

i swore i shan't go out till KillerSPM's over.
i swore i'll start studying asap.
i swore i'll stop hogging the telephone.

but right,
everytime i sit down and decide to well, study
i stare into space,
holding a pen in my right hand,
pressing the tip down onto my book.

i hate being brought back to reality.
so each time i'm back from wonderland and wonderboy,
all i see are blotches of black ink on the paper,
and then i lose all interest of finishing up my work.

my history book is so polka dotted it hypnotizes me.
so i plop my head down and sleep till dinner.

mana boleh gitu,kan?

take me out!! [16 Jul 2006|01:31pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

which is one of the many reasons why i need to watch Pirates Of The Carribbean

Pop! she's back. [14 Jul 2006|07:59pm]
[ mood | amused ]

after such a long hiatus.
i'm back.

concert was last week.
i think we did much much better than the last time.
thk god we didn't give up on it just because of the 3 of them.
i don't know if i can upload a vid of it but i'll try.
nenek,bulu,sujen and sara looked fab.
cz i did the make up.
okay okay.
only for bulu.
but she looked awesome full stop.
and the models-
ahh yea.
Reshmonu was there as well.
the NPK gang and the indian girls went on stage to dance with him.
it was loads of fun.
i really wanna say more but i feel so stuck

the pictures turned out well though.
Sujen looked darn goth.

Click!Collapse )

there're actually more pics but they're all in other cameras.
oohh oohh!
i CAN get my black ipod nano cz it's flippin cheap.
and that HotPink Razr V3X.
maybe sara and i could get a pair.

ahh yes.
and my good friends saw a flasher.
and guess what.
i was upstairs and they didn't even bother to call me wei!
and they got me so bladdy curious describing it and all.
especially NippieCheah.
hell hell hell.
i think i'll stayback every Friday from now on.
maybe i'll be lucky enough to see one.
ahhh -
the bliss of being in an all girls school.

bleep! [03 Jul 2006|05:56pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

Joylyn : You going for tebrau's IU?
Evirella : *smirks*
Joylyn : Your face tells me it's a "No way!!"
Evirella : Well ,a picture paints a thousand words ,innit?
Joylyn : Yours paints only two.
Evirella : -snorts-

i really should pay more attention in physics.

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